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Find the product which you look for among a complete catalog of quality products and recognized in the world of water sport. Of the boat, in the kayak, or stand up paddle via the fitting or the other accessories, you will find certainly what you want in our nautical store, specialist for the boat in Switzerland.

  • 6'990.00 CHF

    The new Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 17T is a fishing machine with comfort, stability and room for everything you need, including another person. Plus, it’s powered by the patented Hobie MirageDrive pedal system.The fully adjustable Vantage XT seating can be setup in multiple configurations: in-line tandem, face-to-face social tandem, or as a single. The PA17T... The new Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 17T...

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  • 3'090.00 CHF

    Stand tall on the water aboard the Eclipse, another world’s-first watercraft from Hobie.Incredibly stable, just get on and go using MirageDrive® leg power. Soon you’ll fly high at exceptional speed, nimbly carving turns using fingertip steering controls. There’s minimal setup. Go from the car, the dock or your boat to the water in minutes. Cruise solo,... Stand tall on the water aboard the...

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  • 4'990.00 CHF 7'090.00 CHF

    The Hobie Advance, with its hulls in rotomoulded polyethylene, wave-piercing bows and Harken blocks, has been designed for the sailing clubs and schools. It completes the Hobie polyethylene range that offers now 11 to 16 foot boats. A very modern look for this small catamaran that can be equipped with a trumpet spinnaker. Easy to handle for a young team,... The Hobie Advance, with its hulls in...

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  • 800.00 CHF

    Etat moyen, nécessite quelques petits travauxdeux voileschariot de mise-à-l'eauprix 800.- à discuterContact:Pierre-André Ducommun2015 Areuse076 408 87 87 Etat moyen, nécessite quelques petits...

  • 22'000.00 CHF

    Type : Monotype Dragon - Nom : " VALSORINE "Chantier : Borresen - Année : 1996 - N° Série : 774 - N° voile : FRA 406Descriptif du gréement : Mât Petticrows avec guignol fixe - Bastaques, pataras en textile.Drisses textile et câbleAccastillage : Complet pour régater (Harcken) Ecoutes Spi, génois, grand voile neuves (Liros)Voiles :1 jeu de Voile Fritz GV +... Type : Monotype Dragon - Nom : "...

  • 8'000.00 CHF

    Remis à neuf par le chantier Duvoisin en 2014Excellent état1x GV 8.4m2 et Spi en bon état1x GV 8.4 m2 et Spi NEUFS (dans l'emballage)Bâche de dessus neuve (3 semaine utilisation)Bâche de dessous NEUVEBâche de mâtChariot de mise à l'eau079 698 78 Remis à neuf par le chantier Duvoisin...

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    Voile, Jeux Olympiques de Rio et Magic Marine

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    Journée test juin

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