RS21 - nomination for the European Yacht of the Year

European Yacht of the Year Nomination for the RS21!

RS Sailing is proud of the nomination for the European Yacht of the Year Award 2019. The European Yacht of the Year Award is the most important, influential and most widely communicated boatbuilding prize worldwide. Often referred to as the “Oscar“ of yachting it reaches an international audience of several million sailing enthusiasts, boat owners and industry executives. Initiated by German sail magazine YACHT it was first presented at boot Düsseldorf in 2004. Today 12 magazines from all over Europe make up the jury, each of them the leading voice in their respective countries and respected beyond national borders.

With the RS21, RS Sailing has developed a 21 foot keelboat combining sustainability, ease of use and ownership and great sailing characteristics in one boat.

Sustainability: RS Sailing is committed to building the sustainability of our boats and operations. We care about the future of the planet and its oceans for the next generations of sailors. We know not everything we do is perfect but we continually try to move ourselves and our industry forward.  

RS Sailing’s sustainability focus has actively influenced the design, resulting in a boat built using eco-friendly materials, with multiple environmental attributes. It marks significant progress over previous generations.  Following the testing of more sustainable composite materials, the RS21 incorporate eco-friendly materials into the construction. The hull is built using bio-derived resins and the core materials are made from re-cycled PET plastics – drinks bottles to you and me.

High stability hull: High form stability and almost 50% ballast ratio provide easy handling and enjoyable performance. The forgiving design leads to fun in every venue. Open water with waves– or gusty lake with wind shifts – the RS21 will always be your friend.

Ergonomic deck: The deck design gives plenty of space for four sailors, while the layout ensures the boat could be handled by only two. It maximizes flexibility for both racing, training and cruising. A lot of effort has been put into creating space for every team member on board. They will all love it.


Continuous mainsheet system: This was designed so any crew member can take the mainsheet. The main can be sheeted in using both ends so that the helm can take the sheet downwind and the crew can take it for rapid sheeting at mark roundings.

Easy to own: The RS21 is designed to keep ownership costs acceptable and minimize maintenance requirements. The quality of the hardware and the simplicity throughout will help you, your team and your club spend more enjoyable time on the water.

An optional electric motor pack with innovative retracting propeller system is integrally designed into the boat. It is clean, convenient, creates no drag during sailing and offers an environmentally friendly solution to get you home when the wind drops. There will be no fossil fueled engines allowed on this boat in its class rules.

The RS21 is specifically designed for fleet purchase, with attributes that will appeal to individual buyers as well. It puts close racing over ultimate performance. Convenient ownership over complexity. It maximizes low maintenance. Comfortable ergonomics. Value. And pure sailing enjoyment. This is the boat to bring wider availability and popularity back to keelboat racing.

Produced by the world’s leading small sailboat brand, the RS21 is high quality and a sound financial proposition. Realistic costs allow appealing club charter fees – or affordable investment by syndicates of sailing friends. The RS21 is a safe purchase and assured of success.

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