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39'890.00 CHF

  • RS21 Club (mit Segeln Dacron + Gennaker Club)
  • RS21 One Design (mit Segeln Mylar + Gennaker One Design)
  • RS21 Sailing League (Segeln Dacron + Gennaker One Design)
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RS 21

RS Sailing

The RS21 responds to the need for a progressive, simple and affordable solution for keelboat clubs that increasingly see the opportunity for fleet ownership, league competition and training. Pay-as-you-go. Team up and do it together.

The RS 21 is specifically designed for fleet purchase, with attributes that will appeal to individual buyers as well. It puts close racing over ultimate performance. Convenient ownership over complexity. It maximizes low maintenance, value and pure sailing enjoyment. This is the boat to bring wider availability and popularity back to keelboat racing. Realistic costs allow appealing club charter fees or affordable investment by syndicates of sailing friends.

The RS 21 is a safe purchase and assured of success.

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Technische Daten

Fabricant RS Sailing
Oberfläche des Großsegels16.2
Oberfläche der Fock7.7
Gennaker One Design Race35
Total Gewicht (ungefähr)650
Keel Gewicht320
BauEco-Friendly Composite
Anzahl von gestatteten Personen8
Für die Klubs und die Segelschulen empfohlenJa
Für die Familien empfohlenJa
Für sportliche Praxis und Regatten empfohlenJa

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