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Optimist Winner DenMark Race, komplett mit Decken und Rolli Vergrößern

4'390.00 CHF

  • Optiparts Foils OD
  • Optiparts Foils OD Pro
  • Optimax Foils OD
  • DSK Foils OD FleXiS, -37kg
  • DSK Foils OD ExeLiXiS 32-45 kg
  • DSK Foils OD DyNaMiS, +45 kg
  • Optiparts Silver -40 kg
  • Optiparts Blacklite -35 kg
  • Optiparts Blackgold Med. 35-45 kg
  • Optiparts Blackgold Power +40 kg
  • Optiparts Blackmax +45 kg
  • Optimax MK3 Flex, Baum + Spreit zur Wahl (-35 kg)
  • Optimax MK3, Baum + Spreit zur Wahl (35-45 kg)
  • Optimax MK4, Baum + Spreit zur Wahl (+45 kg)
  • JSail Blue 35-43 kg
  • JSail Green -35 kg
  • JSail Red 43-50 kg
  • JSail Black +50 kg
  • Optimax Racing Cero -35 kg
  • Optimax Racing Uno 35-45 kg
  • Optimax Racing Duo +45 kg
  • Olimpic Sails, "Race-XS" -34 kg
  • Olimpic Sails, "Race-S" 35-41kg
  • Olimpic Sails, "Race-M" 39-44 kg
  • Olimpic Sails, "Race-L" +45 kg
  • Olimpic Sails, Radial Medium
  • Ohne Segel
  • Ohne Vermessung
  • Komplett Vermessung + Swiss Sailing Registrierung
Lieferbar in ~1-3 Tag(e)

Optimist Winner DenMark Race, komplett mit Decken und Rolli


- Schale Winner Race (Ioda)
- Ruder / Schwert Optiparts One Design
- Rigg Optiparts Silver
- Segel J Sails
- Decke oben (EX1082)
- Decke unten (EX1091S)
- Ruder/Schwert Hülle
- Mast/Segel Hülle
- Rolli (EX1076)

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Technische Daten

Fabricant Winner
Oberfläche des Großsegels3.36
Total Gewicht (ungefähr)39
Anzahl von gestatteten Personen1
Für die Klubs und die Segelschulen empfohlenja
Für sportliche Praxis und Regatten empfohlenja

Mehr Infos

The RACE dinghy is a boat with the winning DNA, a throughout WINNER dinghy, made with competition in mind.

Today the RACE dinghy is mostly sold to clubs and federations, because it is the cheapest way to get a WINNER boat, in the known quality. But the RACE boat is fully comparable to all the other Optimists on the market. The 3D models is just something special, because of the amount of work and know how, there has been putted into them.

But the RACE is:
· A quality product
· A boat made with racing in mind
· The most winning WINNER boat ever made.
· The cheapest way to get WINNER quality

WINNER always endavors to build the best optimists in the world. We do this by always using the best materials and by having our focus on quality.

With the best materials and well educated builders we generate the best boats available. Its inevitably to avoid that always using the best materials, and the best craftmanship will make a more costly boat. But we are sure that you will save your money by buying one of our optimists, because the boat needs less maintenance and have a better durability which makes sure that the superior sailing performance is retained throughout the boats lifetime.

Quality costs, we buy fiberglass that is up to 50% more expensive than other fiberglass. We also use the best gelcoat available in the world, this gelcoat is helping us to make a more hydrodynamic surface. The RACE is build with racing in mind. When buying a RACE you get a quality product, especially designed for racing but you also get a product that will last for many years.

To ensure that all boats that leave the WINNER factory, has the well know quality, we have invested in the most high-tech and environment friendly optimist plant in the world.
All boats are build in Denmark by our highly qualified craftsmen, who are locally recruited, and who are the best in their field.

The area WINNER OPTIMIST is located in have a history in boat building, as Faaborg is an old harbor town.


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