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Mast Optiparts Blackgold mit Rigg Pack

Optiparts - Win Design


The BLACKGOLD Optimist rig is the world’s most advanced Optimist rig.

For many years it has been chosen as the official charter rig for the I.O.D.A World, European, Asian and Oceanian Championships. Several outstanding results have been achieved in the past years.

Heavy duty black hard anodized 7075 T6 Optimist mast
Aerospace spec. alloy super stiff 7075 T6 Optimist mast and sprit section
High Delrin heel plug, for less friction and to avoid wear
Stainless steel hook-in block backing plate - to avoid wear
Through bolted and insulated vang cleat - to prevent failure
Aluminium pin stop instead of plastic - to avoid breakage
Halyard with Harken hook-in block and 25 mm Windesign low friction ring
Pure Dyneema spliced halyard
Nylon top pins for wind indicator
Low friction nylon wind indicator - extra sensitive
Delrin pin type heel plug - no wear
Vectran control lines - zero stretch, zero creep - the ultimate
Sprit adjuster handle


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