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Rigg Optiparts Blackgold Power komplett +40kg

Optiparts - Win Design


The perfect choice for the Optimist. The Blackgold Power set contains:
-Blackgold mast (EX900)
-Blackgold Power 45mm boom (EX945)
-Blackgold 27mm sprit (EX960)
-Supplied with rigging pack (EX13591)

Due to the specifications, there is no equal to the Optiparts Blackgold sets. Two 45 microns Black hard anodized 7075 masts, a choice of three black anodized booms and two black anodized 7075 sprits.

All black fittings, hard anodized cleats, a black sprit chafe guard, captive eye straps on the boom, a halyard cleat with becket. Zero stretch, zero creep, black, Vectran line package, 45 mm power boom, Harken ball bearing halyard blocks and pure Vectran spliced halyards.


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