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Mastverlängerung Optimist 10cm Vergrößern

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Mastverlängerung Optimist 10cm

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Der Optimist Mastverlängerer ist als separater Artikel für den Sleeve School Mast erhältlich. Dieser Mastverlängerer kann in die Spitze des Optimist Mastes gesenkt werden und bewegt das Segel nach oben, um mehr Platz dazwischen im Cockpit zu schaffen.

3 configurations : Upgraded school, School and Sleeve School spars
All consist of a Ø 45 x 2 mm mast, Ø 31 x 1.6 mm boom and Ø 25.4 x 1.6
mm sprit made of tempered 6082 Aluminum tube
The UPGRADED SCHOOL MAST is fitted with a stainless steel halyard
block, Aluminum Clamcleats, a nylon pin stop and two stainless steel eyes
for fixing the head of the sail. The UPGRADED SCHOOL boom has blue
nylon in- and outboard end fittings, a nylon outhaul cleat and nylon fittings
for mainsheet and downhaul attachment.
The UPGRADED SCHOOL sprit has blue sprit ends and 15 cm black
tubing for protecting damage between the mast and the sprit.
EX1011 Upgraded School mast.
EX1031 Upgraded School boom.
EX1042 Upgraded School sprit.
EX1051 Upgraded School set. (EX1011+EX1031+EX1042)
The SCHOOL SET is like the set above but is fitted with stainless steel halyard
and downhaul cleat and the sprit has no chafe protection tube.
EX1010 School mast.
EX1030 School boom.
EX1040 Sprit 25 mm.
EX1050 School set (EX1010 + EX1030 + EX1040)
The SLEEVE SCHOOL mast has no pin stop and has no stainless steel
eyes for fixing the head of the sail and can be used with sleeve sail
EX1061. The mast slides in the sleeve pocket of the sail and the sail has a
loose foot. This eliminates the need of any sail ties on mast or boom.
A mastextender is available as a separate item. This extender can be
dropped in the top of the mast and moves the sail 10 cm up to create more
EX1012 Sleeve School mast.
EX10121 Mast extender for sleeve School mast.
EX1052 Sleeve School set. (EX1012+EX1030+EX1040)
RIGGING PACK made of high quality braided polyester lines.
Include all halyard and control lines, bridle with ring, but no sailties.
EX1056 Upgraded rigging pack.

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