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With Protections

The security is essential!

Duvoisin Nautique and Sports proposes you a choice varied by protections for your exits by boat on lakes or sea.

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  • 99.00 CHF 129.00 CHF

    Long sleeve top specifically designed to improve protection in high impact applications. It uses bipoly material in the arms to protect from wind and water chill, combined with nylon spandex in the main body designed to fit well when worn with the Impact Pro Longjohn. The materials to provide compression, maximum breathability and comfort, alongside UV... Long sleeve top specifically designed...

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  • 139.00 CHF

    THE FIRST REAL WATER PROTECTION TOPPRO TEC range : The first elegant sailing armor for high-flying sailors, and used by the Top Guns !You sail on a fast craft and you want an effective protection system against the shocks and to avoid the bruises after a good sailing session? This set is for you ! This reinforced Lycra is equipped with numerous foam... THE FIRST REAL WATER PROTECTION...

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  • 179.00 CHF

    The first Lycra based pant with built in protection, well integrated and soft for confortable use. Revised Chin padding and large rear patch construction offering more durability. Really high abrasion rubber coating on sensitive zones with over 10mm neoprene on flexible zone for shock dampening. Features a unique construction with integrated thermoplastic... The first Lycra based pant with built...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items