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With its location near Lake Neuchâtel, Duvoisin Nautique & Sports is a specialist for Swiss lakes and can provide experts who will advise you on the purchase of your boat.

Take off to explore our beautiful Swiss lakes thanks to our selection of boats.

We'd also like to recommend our KayaksFittings and clothing for you comfort.


  • Optimist

    The Optimist is the ideal boat for children below the age of fifteen who wish to be introduced to sailing and solo regattas.

    Made from fiberglass, this small sailboat is one of the most popular types with over 150'000 registered boats. The Optimist is  recognized as an international class by the international Federation of Sailing.

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  • Dinghies for 1

    For sailing alone, Duvoisin Nautique & Sports offers a wide selection of light dinghies, suited for one person.

    Also discover: Optimist, catamaran or trimaran

  • ILCA

    The ILCA is a single-handed racing dinghy with over 200,000 boats in 140 countries, it is the world’s most popular adult and youth racing sailboat.

    It is a challenging boat that rewards athleticism, subtle steering and trimming techniques, as well as tactical excellence. It is a singlehanded Olympic class boat for both men and women and is sailed at the club, national and international levels.

  • Dinghies for 1+

    Sail alone or with company thanks to our wide selection of dinghies.

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  • Dinghies for 2+

    Because the sail is also practised in several,  Duvoisin Nautical & Sports proposes you numerous boats dinghies from two to three people.

    Discover Dinghies for 1 and storm Dinghies 1+

  • Catamarans

    The catamaran is an ideal  boat to navigate lakes or seas. Real boat of leisure activities and sport, the catamaran will offer you new sensations. At Duvoisin Nautique & Sports, we are worried about the quality of our products. That is why, we propose you the best choice of catamarans thanks to a whole range of various marks with the comfort and the safety which you deserve. Of what to find what you need because there are catamarans for all your needs. You like the competition? The sporting catamaran is made for you. You simply want to spend time on our Swiss lakes? We have the catamaran of sailing.

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  • Hobie Trimaran

    The mark of boats Hobie proposes you its models of kayak trimaran with veil.

    Carry by the wind, live sensations incredible on the water.

    Also discover the catamaran or the RS Sailing

  • RS Sailing


    Easier to manage and faster, your practice of the sailboat will not be anymore the same thanks to the dinghy RS Sailing.

    Outcome of a passion of the sail, this range of dinghies is recognized all around the world. Conceived with the last technological developments, these boats will offer you a crazy pleasure during the navigation. RS Sailing proposes a range of boats RS for the beginners, the families, the clubs and the schools.

    Discover the tests of boats RS Sailing.

    Come to discover also Dinghies for 1 and catamarans.

  • Keelboats
  • Duvoisin, Our Boats

    Take advantage of the Swiss quality thanks to the hull Duvoisin, for your boat, made by Duvoisin Nautique & Sports and appreciate your moments on the Swiss lakes.

    Yon can also discover catamarans, optimist or still storm sailing dinghies 2+