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  • Sheet

    Racer: the biggest resistance, the smallest extension, 32 spindles, dyneema, 100 % braided

    Dynema spi: very light, very flexible, resistant in the abrasion, the very low extension

    Dynamic Plus: light very successful for the cruise, very flexible, excellent held on winches and resistant in the abrasion

    Magic Sheet: light, braided, for storm dinghy, catamaran as listening of big veil

    Color: spun, ideal Polyester listens to of big veil, genoa, tricky touch, excellent handling

    TopGrip: polyester, flexible, resistant in the abrasion

    Hercule: multi-purpose, polyester, high tenacity, braided

    Magic Pre-Sheet: pre-stretched Polyester, not much extension for halyard, cords of lines of control

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  • Splicing Needle
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