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Buoyancy vests

In water sports, life jackets can save you the life.

Choose, please, your type of life jacket according to the wished buoyancy (in Newton - N) and of your weight thanks to the wide choice of products Duvoisin Nautique and Sports.


  • With neck

    The foam life jackets with big neck are very flexible and offer a very big security for the children and the adults.

    You will so be protected and in security on lakes and seas.

  • Automatic

    The inflatable life jackets offer a better freedom of movement and are less cumbersome than the foam life jackets.

    The cartridge of inflating can be used only one more. It empties completely during every use. It is thus necessary to replace it once the swollen vest.

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  • Without neck

    For your competitions of water sport life jackets without neck and the vests of assistant to the buoyancy are ideal but are reserved for the good swimmers only.

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  • Accessories

    Need for an accessory for your life jacket?

    Duvoisin Nautique and Sports proposes you various accessories for your life jacket.