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  • Invoice up to Frs. 99.95 : Delivery costs: Frs. 9.-
    If Letter A4 or "Mini-letter" A5: Frs. 5.- maximum
  • Invoice over Frs. 100.- : Delivery costs: Frs. 0.- (a,b) 
    except for the oversizes parcels
  • Oversizes parcels - 100cm to 250cm (f): Delivery costs: Frs. 35.-
    may vary according to the packing
  • Parcels 250cm to ~350cm: will be sent by "TNT Swiss Post" 
    Delivery costs: charged at the current rate
  • Boats, Kayaks, Masts...: we will communicate you the cost before the delivery


  • Delivery for abroad will be charged at the current rate, without any taxe.
    (VAT, custom taxes or custom clearance may have to be paid at the delivery)



a) When returning goods, it is the remaining amount which will be taken into account

b) Some more packing cost could be add if necessary

c) Backorder are normally delivered free of charge

d) Returning good are at the charge of the buyer (except if there is a mistake from our side)

e) The exchanges or modification of order will be considerate as a new invoice.

f) Regarding the dimensions of "Swiss Post”