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GPS Novasail NS360 Pro



The NS360.Pro is a all-in-one multi constellation GPS receiver (GPS+GLONASS+GALILEO+BEIDOU) coupled with a 9 axis gyro gimballed magnetic digital compass.

It delivers ultra precise and reliable heading information to help you to tack and jibe at the most suitable times.
Through a simple push button, the sub-modes let you decide the required sensitivity (High / Medium / Low) based on your boat, your style, and the current weather conditions.

GPS speedo and compass
The over ground speed of the boat as measured by the GPS receiver is provided with several levels of sensitivity (High / Medium / Low). The trip distance, the GPS heading and the maximum speed can also be accessed.

The easiest count-down timer
Press the timer button to get the 5 minute sequence started. Press it again, and it will re-synchronize to 4 minutes or 1 minute. You can still adjust it to any minute while counting by using the arrows.

GPS Data-logger
Hundred of hours of sailing data can be recorded and transferred wirelessly through Bluetooth to your computer for post-races analysis.

Waypoints and routes
The PC Novasail Wireless Manager software combined with the ease of use of Google Earth allows you to manage easily the waypoints and the routes sent wirelessly to your NS360.Pro. Up to 100 Waypoints and 20 routes can be memorized.

Distance to the start line
The NS360.Pro start line distance function combines a highly accurate GPS and a gyro gimballed 9 axis magnetic compass to pinpoint exactly where you are relative to the line.
A +/- sign indicates clearly which side of the line you are.
Unique bow offset gives the exact distance from your bow to the line.

Ends can be 'pinged' whilst traveling in any direction.
Boat/pin end buttons: dedicated buttons make storing the start line easy and intuitive.

VMG mode & central bargraph
The bargraph and the recording of the port/starboard headings combined with the lift/header icons give an immediate access to the "velocity made good" and the wind variation.

Fully upgradable
The embedded firmware of the NS360.Pro is upgradable thanks to its embedded bluetooth transceiver: new features and firmware upgrades are available in our download area.

Latest technical upgrades
An amber red backlight allows the unit to carry its duty in the night sailings. PC connectivity is now enhanced with a latest generation Bluetooth low energy transceiver (BLE).

Dedicated user interface for the start
With a dedicated button for the timer and 2 dedicated ones for the boat and pin, anyone in the crew can launch the start sequence within a second while focusing on the boat performances.

The symbols on the buttons and their positions make the misunderstanding and wrong usage totally impossible with an easy access on starboard tack.

The body
The body is made around a thick rubber ring, sealed with 16 stainless steel screws. Made to survive the toughest conditions and wipeouts.

The battery
A single AA battery will last for more than 30 hours.

In the box:
NS360.Pro with anti glare screen protection
Operating manual
Mast cradle with screws and safety leash

Technical specs:
Speed resolution: 0.1 knots
Minimum speed: 0.5 knots
Heading resolution: 1º
Display: 33 mm digit height, wide view angle, amber red backlight for night sailings
Dimensions: 183 mm x 116 mm x 33 mm
Lanyard/Safety leash hole to secure the device
Bluetooth embedded for easy PC connectivity
Weight including battery: 470 grams
1 AA battery: 30 hours+ run time


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