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Polish sport Nanoprom 2in1 250ml View larger

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Polish sport Nanoprom 2in1 250ml



Use nautical sector aquatic brand

"Easy to clean" coating and hull and deck cleaning.

The best-seller of the complete range of water sports is Polish, not an aggressive varnish that cleans and protects both gelcoat and paint.

This may involve using (by hand with a microfibre cloth or with a low speed, soft orbital pad) is to revive a gel coat or painted surface that

to protect and extend the benefits of polishing with traditional nanoparticles. It helps to remove dirt,

create a UV shield and ensure that the slide and dirt better on the treated areas.

Covering hull and deck ALL-IN-ONE

How Cleaner cleans the shell
How polishing creates a smooth surface
How Sealer offers optimal UV-resistant protection on the surface

Application on gelcoat, paint, carbon and metals
Cleans without aggressive detergents

Thanks to its nanostructure protects the optimal and durable surface from the elements

Slow down the aging process and regenerate The old paint and gelcoat Remove salt, dirt and oil

Easy to apply

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