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Find your clothes in wetsuits thanks to choices varied by Duvoisin Nautique and Sports.


  • Long arms

    Find your clothes long sleeves to neopren on Duvoisin Nautique and Sports

  • Shortarm

    Find your clothing short sleeves neoprene on Duvoisin Nautique and Sports

  • Long John

    Find your Overall Langer John, ideal for the water sport.

  • Top

    Buy your top neopren for your exits by boat on Duvoisin Nautique and Sports, online nautical store and specialist of boat in Neuchâtel.

  • Shorty

    Find your shorty neoprene for your exitsby boat

  • Arms for Neoprene

    In search of arm for your overalls to neopren?

    Nautical Duvoisin and Sport proposes you a wide choice!

    Find your!

  • Hikers and Pads

    You will be equipped well thanks to the Hikers proposed by Duvoisin Nautique and Sports

  • Shorts, Pants

    Find your shorts and pants neopren for your exits by boat