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The catamaran is an ideal  boat to navigate lakes or seas. Real boat of leisure activities and sport, the catamaran will offer you new sensations. At Duvoisin Nautique & Sports, we are worried about the quality of our products. That is why, we propose you the best choice of catamarans thanks to a whole range of various marks with the comfort and the safety which you deserve. Of what to find what you need because there are catamarans for all your needs. You like the competition? The sporting catamaran is made for you. You simply want to spend time on our Swiss lakes? We have the catamaran of sailing.

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  • RS Cat

    The mark of boat RS Sailing proposes you its catamarans. Easy to manipulate and long-lasting, catamaran RS is perfect for sailing schools, clubs of beach and for all the family for a moment of relaxation. Very easy to assemble, this catamaran can be transported on the roof of a car. Its small size and its ease of assembly allows to store him in a restricted space.

    Envy for a little more sensation? Test the flying catamaran.

  • Hobie Cat - Polyethylene

    This catamaran will become an ally to learn about water sports. Thanks to their design and their technology, the youngest dans families will be delighted to discover catamarans in Polyethylene of the mark Hobit Cat.

    The oldest as the beginners will be safe and can take advantage of a navigation in lake or at sea. Their technology was designed so that the catamaran is light, easy to transport, to maneuver, to rise then to launch. That is why we consider it as an ideal catamaran to learn this sport.

    For the bravest of us suggest you testing the flying catamaran or then, for the most confirmed, the catamarans RS Cat.

  • Hobie Cat - Polyester

    You look for a catamaran ? We have what you need! The mark Hobie Cat proposes you a choice of catamarans in polyester adeapted to the needs of the most sports of us. The catamaran Hobie Cat is ideal for the confirmed and the families, for everything those who are used exits in lakes or at sea.

    The quality, the design and the technology of theses boats will know how to make you apprediate the water sport.

    You are searching for unexpected sensations? We propose you the Foiling Cat, the flying catamaran! If you look for in practice the catamaran for a moment of relaxation, we propose you the RS Cat.