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RS 200

RS Sailing


Beautiful handling, exciting and adrenaline packed sailing for all
Huge racing fleets of top level competition and amazing socials
One of the most popular two person sailboats of today

One of the most successful double handed racing dinghies of the modern era, the RS200 responds to finesse and dedication rather than physique to allow couples and young teams share the action.

On the open sea or the smallest of lakes, the success of the RS200 is proof that it is by far one of the most popular boats sailed today. The RS200 has a huge following and is raced passionately by hundreds of keen sailors making the competition at Opens an amazing experience.

The RS200 is the perfect sailing dinghy for small to medium weight crews. With an asymmetric spinnaker it provides excitement downwind and exhilarating performance whilst being manageable for a wide range of abilities.

Exciting performance, responsive handling and a fantastic circuit make the RS200 a legendary doublehander that everyone wants to sail.

"I have been to lots of Nationals, Worlds and big Opens and cannot think of an event that was so friendly, well run and generally fantastic to be at. The bar is now very high in terms of standards!" Steve Dunn

"RS Open Meetings are like skiing in the Summer - You turn up, have a blast in the fresh air, come ashore absolutely knackered and then relive it all whilst partying all night with a bunch of good mates." Sally Potter - RS200 Owner

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Data sheet

Fabricant RS Sailing
Surface of sail (mainsail + foresail)11.52
Spinnaker (option)8.29
Weight total (app.)114
Weight of the hull (app)78

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  • Spacious and deep cockpit for comfortable hiking.
  • Toe straps adjustable for both height and reach.
  • Thwart gives the crew a comfortable light wind position.
  • Open transom allows the RS200 to virtually self drain after a capsize and a moulded self bailer quickly removes any remaining water.
  • Immensely strong hull laminate ensures a long competitive life and trouble free sailing.
  • Fittings layout designed for all combinations of strength and experience in the helm and crew. Allows either sailor to perform important functions such as spinnaker hoists and drops plus cunningham and kicker control.
  • Top quality fittings.


  • Pivoting centreboard and rudder make launching and recovery easy.
  • Sophisticated GRP sandwich construction gives strong, light, high performance foils.


  • Makes the most of modern developments in power control, giving a broad competitive weight range and improved handling in all conditions.
  • Mylar mainsail has ultra-soft full-length battens. These reduce "ragging" to extend the life of the sail, yet still allow the sail to de-power at rest.
  • Dacron jib is easy to "read" in light winds. Sheet loads are very low, so even the lightest of sailors enjoy the ride.
  • Asymmetric spinnaker with single line hoist and drop system. So easy everyone can enjoy the fun. Anyone who has sailed an RS200 downwind in a blow will testify to the boat's fantastic excitement and pace. Asymmetric spinnakers are fun to use, tactical on the race course and very easy for the crew to handle.



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