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Sikaflex 291cartridge 70 ml black View larger

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Sikaflex 291cartridge 70 ml black



A complete range of adhesives and sealants for nautical and industrial applications.Sika's experience, innovation and reliability in the shipbuilding industry make it the reference brand for bonding, sealing, caulking and insulation. That is why, after having tested them under extreme conditions, the biggest shipyards and the best skippers have chosen Sikaflex products for the construction, maintenance and repair of their boats.

New "i-cure" technologyAs the world market leader in polyurethane sealants and adhesives, Sika is now creating the difference with the development by its Research and

Development teams of a new advanced technology: "i-cure" technology.Developed from a new latent hardener formula, i-cure technology enables the manufacture of an entirely new generation of high-performance, environmentally friendly polyurethane sealants and adhesives that respect the environment and its users.

The new range is not only more resistant to UV rays and weathering, but also has a better grip on porous and smooth surfaces.

Suitable for:
- Anti-slip bonding small surface area
- Installation of deck fittings
- Sanitary sealing
- Interior fittings

Cartridge: 310 ml or 70 ml
Colours: black, white

Change of volume: approx. - 6%.
Skin formation time: approx. 60 min.
Curing speed: approx. 3 mm / 24 h
elongation at break: > 500%
Tensile strength: 1.8 N/mm²
Processing temperature: +5° to +40° C
Operating temperature: -40° to +90° C
Consumption: 6 x 6 mm gasket 6 m / cartridge

Safety data sheet

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