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Sikasil-C, Silicone Putty cartridge 300ml white View larger

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Sikasil-C, Silicone Putty cartridge 300ml white



Sealing compound for sanitary jointsSikasil-C is a single-component, neutral curing silicone sealant for indoor and outdoor use. It is elastic and flexible and adheres to many different substrates without primer, such as glass, metal, wood, acrylic, polycarbonate, etc.

Very good weather and UV resistance, contains fungicides (anti-mould)

Colours: transparent, white, grey, black

Skin formation time: about 15 minutes
Curing speed: approx. 2 mm / 24 h
Tensile strength: 0.5 N / mm2
Consumption: 10 x 6 mm seal = 5 m / cartridge
Safety data sheet

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