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GPS Sailmon MAX - innovative, wireless - WiFi-Bluetooth-BLE



Innovation & sailing is what keeps us awake during the night. One device for everyone. Design thinking seeks to create practical, user-oriented solutions technologically feasible and economically viable.

With MAX we have put all those thoughts together into one device available for every sailor.
Max together with our cloud platform offers a new and fresh approach to sailing as a sport.

Hit the line: Say goodbye to guesswork MAX acts as your onboard afterguard, making starting on time a breeze.

Stay on lifts and on Targets: Fast GPS and an advanced 9-axis IMU provides you with accurate data to stay on top of the competition.

Instant Replay: As soon as you finish sailing the Sailmon APP creates an instant session report to review your performance and compare yourself with other Sailmon users.

Why we love MAX
o 4,4'' display
o Sunlight Readable
o All Day Battery Life
o High Speed GPS
o 9 Axis Imu
o Wifi, Bluetooth & Ble
o Remote Live Tracking
o Instant Session Reports
o Easy Mounting

Size: 118.5 mm width x 93 mm height x 62 mm depth

Weight: 250 g

- 320 x 240 pixels 4,4" transflective LCD
- Anti reflection frontglass for maximum view ability

Power & battery:
- 3600mAh lithium-polymer battery for all day battery use
- wireless waterproof charging

- 30hz multi GNSS constellation GPS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou)
- Dual digital compass for maximum heading accuracy
- Advanced IMU for heel pitch and dead reckoning

Measurements & Logging:
- Heading
- Heel
- Pitch
- Position, SOG, COG
- Augmented AWA, AWS ²
- Augmented TWA, TWS, TWD ²
- Unlimited data logging ³

- Header / lift indicator
- Countdown timer - Distance to line
- Estimated distance from line at start
- Line bias
- VMG calculation
- Instant session report
- Instant rankings ³
- Value added data from Sailmon cloud ³
- 3 Different modes (sailor, coach, slave) ?

- WiFi, Bluetooth and BLE
- BLE wind sensor, heart rate monitors
- Improved data from Sailmon cloud ³
- Live tracking through smartphone ³
- Over the air software updates

IP rating & Environmental:
- IP68 + sealed and waterproof
- Operating ambient temperature -20° tot + 60° Celsius
- Operating altitude 10.000 feet

In the Box:
- Max
- Inductive charging pad
- Mounting bracket
- Protective cover
- Quick start guide

System requirement:
- iPhone with iOS 11 or newer
- Android jellybean or newer

1. Sizes and weight can still change#chr(59)# specs are made on pre-production model.
2. Augmented wind is calculated from closest sources of wind from Sailmon cloud, if no close source is available a grib file will be used,
If you have your own wind sensor your own sensor will be used. For connection with the Sailmon cloud an internet connection is required.
3. Are made available after data is offloaded to the cloud, data can be offloaded using the Sailmon app, session reports and rankings are also available in Sailmon app.
4. Value added data can be GPS constellation wind, or current information to improve your data, fees may apply and internet connection required.
5. Add Nmea data's 0183 ou 2000 speed, depth or wind (with a Digital Yacht Nav Link 2)



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